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Fancy talking about Dare like that Cos.  :DD

Even though I won't be officially old until next month, my Golden Buckeye (Ohio Seniors) card came in the mail a week or so ago. Saved me a buck when I went to see Rush.  :yahoo:


--- Quote from: Ian on October 18, 2013, 08:57:53 PM ---Fancy talking about Dare like that Cos.  :DD

--- End quote ---

Silence is golden sayeth me

I prefer it when we stay on topic to be honest, but given that membership is relatively low, it's not a crisis when threads go off topic.  As a moderator on different forums which have more members, I do crack down on off topic posts though.  However, this doesn't apply in either case here.

 :DD We've always gone off at a tangent on here.


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