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2015 Advent Competition.

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If I can make another suggestion, don't put a thought or pound into any sort of Christmas prize for any of us old farts.  Get the grandkids an extra something fun for Christmas and tell them it was from us.  I see there is a Star Wars Risk game out that looks interesting.

I second Scott's motion!  :good:

And I'll third it. Good idea Scott.  :good:  :good:

Steve A.:
Being relatively new here I wasn't aware Wizz, best wishes for Christmas and I hope the new year brings some good times. The forum is a fantastic friendly place, thank you for that and as already been said, family comes first.

John S:
If organising the Advent comp is half as mind altering as playing it is I well understand (and my little grey cells appreciate) why you're not doing it this year.  ;)

Family comes first, :good: here's hoping you and your loved ones get a good Christmas without worrying too much about all us chickens.

I'm sure with Ian and Dare we'll find plenty of corn to chew on in the next month or two.  :D 


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