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Whereas I really only properly started in the late nineties/ early naughties with the eras of Hakkinen and Schumacher.  Sadly I wasn't fully engrossed when Williams last won a title. 

I am also not a statistician, more of a broad story teller  :D

Ok, everyone is being quite chill here, so I'll bite the bullet. Despite being one of the oldest, as well as longest time as a fan, I only scored 3 out of 10'


We tied, Lonnie.  :-[

I've followed F1 since the early-mid 60's.

Saw my first race in '62 or '63 if I remember correctly. But that is no longer a given.  :DD

I resulted in 4 out of 10.   The Monaco question tripped me up, as less cars were "Actually" classified than I remember.

All the best,
Cal :)


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