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Tis the season to be generous


John S:

Just thought I'd raise the awareness level about donations to GPWizard site.

Wizzo gives us all a great site to hang out on but the donations are well below the goal for this year.

To ensure he can keep it running can I urge fellow members to put something, however small, in the pot before Xmas.

Let's show him we care about GPWizard and the home from home it provides to us all.   

Well said John, donated earlier in the year but am doing so again. Thanks Wizzo :)

Always on my Christmas 'Give' list.   :good: :good:

I also donated a very small amount towards server/hosting/domain costs earlier in the year.  Cash is very tight for us these days, but I try and give back in other ways ... and continue to work hard to achieve that!!

Best Regards,
Cal :)

Every penny goes back into GPW for the running, maintenance and improvements. The new chatroom software needed this year was a big hole in the budget but it had to be done.

Please note that Luke Warmwater decided to donate his 1st prize of 100 of F1 goodies back into GPWizard.

Thank you to everyone's generosity. You guys continue to humble me even after all these years.  :good:



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