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I had a job interview recently but I don’t think it went well:-
The interviewer started by saying they were looking for somebody responsible.
“Well you’ve found your man,” I responded, “whenever there was a problem in my last job, they always said that I was responsible!”

He then asked me where I would you see myself in five years’ time.
My answer was: "Personally I believe my biggest weakness is in listening."

Picking up on a new theme he asked what my biggest weakness was. I said “honesty”. The interviewer said “I don’t see that as a weakness”, and I replied “I don’t care what you think”…

He asked me to describe myself in three words. I said “not very good at following instructions”.

He then asked for another weakness that I could see in myself. I said “my stubbornness”. He asked me to give more details and I said “no”.

He asked if I could perform under pressure. I said, “yes, and I do a good version of Bohemian Rhapsody too”.

He said if successful you’ll be earning 20,000 but later you can earn 40,000.
I said “OK, I’ll come back later then.”

 :DD :DD :DD

I saw paragraph 3 as a joke on it’s own.

Alianora La Canta:
That is brilliantly bad!

I thought it was awfully good myself!!!  :DD

(yes, I did like "can you perform Under Pressure" ... that was stunning, well, it was a kind of magic anyway!).

Best Regards,
Cal :)


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