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Racing Competition 'HyperDrive' on Netflix


Anyone else seen this show on Netflix?

I've watched the first few episodes and I think it's great!

They have created a race course with several obstacles, many of which require 'drifting' moves to accomplish.  They've got drivers from all over the world with all sorts of cars '68 Charger, '93 240sx, Hurrican, just to name a few.

Each episode features 12 drivers, the top three move on, the bottom three are eliminated, and the middle 6 go again in the next episode against 6 more drivers.

The racing is at night, the track is lit, the cars are lit, and the drivers are all having a blast.

The host of the show are... not great.  Out of four, only one is a 'car guy'.  He knows his stuff though. 

Charlize Theron produces, and she is on camera to invite a South African driver to join in.

Skipped over a thumbnail of it, but will give it a shot next time Iím on the couch.


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