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Ferrari's 2020 F1 car to be shorter wheelbase/ high rake to ape Red Bull design?


John S:
Quite possibly according to a source out there.

If true will we see the same struggles as 2017 when they tried this before, or have they learnt from that experience?

Please excuse the poor English in this excerpt, I've lifted it verbatim.

"A Dutch articles writes Ferrari will have a shorter wheelbase with more rake, very much like RBR.
The gearbox size has been reduces to allow more room for aero in that area.
It seems Ferrari are looking for better grip and cornering speed, the one thing the well powered car was short of in 2019. So not so much evolution for the reds, but a new approach, a risky choice they had to make though."

Excerpt courtesy Martin Faber from the comments section of an article on Grandprix247.com, 15th Jan.


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