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OK! Ferrari launches their car next week, the first test is 2 weeks off. Anyone have any thoughts, questions, or predictions for the new season. I wonder if Merc can maintain a performance level to enable Lewis to win a 7th championship. I also wonder if Renault can provide Daniel with a car worthy of his skills. Last, will Res Bull actually put Max in a car that can win a WDC? What do you think?

John S:
Also can Ferrari get their act together for a tilt at the title?

But more to the point can Williams qualify in anywhere but 19th & 20th on merit this year?   :DntKnw:

 :DD :good: :good:

Between continent wide fires, health emergencies, ongoing track construction and governmental human rights abuses, will we actually have a record number of races in 2020?

China is on the verge of being cancelled due to the viral outbreak there. They asked Russia to swap dates and Russia said no.


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