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2020 Chinese Grand Prix 'Postponed'



Due to the Coronavirus outbreak in China, sporting events (and presumably any large gathering) have been cancelled or postponed. 

They say 'postponed', but there is no scheduled make up date.  With 22 races scheduled, it will be hard to find a make up date, so the BBC experts expect the race to be outright cancelled.

We all know how complicated the logistics of 'fly away' races are, with much of the heavy equipment travelling by ship in a tightly scheduled fashion.  Even if there is a free weekend to race in Shanghai, there are no guarantees that there will be F1 equipment available at the right part of the world.

Maybe they can do a non championship 'bare bones' race with the teams borrowing some local open wheel equipment?

John S:
Guess the news is not unexpected as we have been creeping closer to the race date without WHO declaring virus outbreak has peaked in China.

I believe the FIA had to make a decision before next week in any case as pathfinders from all the teams were due to go, these team members organise all the logistical things ahead of anything arriving in a country. 


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