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Is the Bulls F1 nostrils trick for getting full steam up this year?


John S:
Red Bull's being coy about the new nostrils featured on their RB16 challenger this year, so says NextgenAuto.com.
Could this be a red herring - or is it essential to 2020 concept?
Guess we'll have to wait til first race, Aus GP, to really find out.

Red Bull is not letting out the secret about a new pair of distinctive ’nostrils’ on the nose of its 2020 car.
"It’s to make sure Max (Verstappen) is cool enough," Dr Helmut Marko joked to Auto Bild.
But when pressed for an explanation about what designer Adrian Newey has in mind for all the openings at the front of the car, Marko added: "We’d rather keep that to ourselves.
"Apart from that, we all know that we won’t see the real cars before the second week of testing," the top team official added.
Verstappen was on duty this week as the RB16 was shaken down at Silverstone, and Marko said "everything went according to plan". Dutchman Verstappen said it was a "very positive" debut for the Honda-powered car.

Courtesy NextgenAuto.com, Today.

Intakes in the nose are usually to cool electronics. Maybe they have problems with overheating circuits.

Stuff like that during testing can also be to take your eyes (and cameras) off what they’re really up to.


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