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We all know testing is not a great indicator of race performance, but for what it's worth here's the first days times.


George Russell pronounced the Williams to be much better than last year's car. Williams was not the slowest. The new Racing Point bears a startling resemblance to last year's Merc. Max says the new R/B is fast everywhere. Ferrari says they are not emphasizing performance like last year after being 11th fastest. Oh, and Merc was 1-2.

Day 2. Alfa and Racing Point have been the only teams to go faster this year than last, so far. Perez says the R/P is the best package they've gone to Melbourne with. Kimi was fastest with Perez #2, though neither matched Lewis' first day. Haas did the most laps while Renault and Ferrari did the fewest.

Bottas put on a set of C5 (super soft) tires and went nearly a second and a half faster than the field. Merc was faster than last year for the first time, finishing 1-2. Ocon put the Renault in 3rd as he as Danny racked up some mileage. The mid field looks tighter than ever. Binotto is worried that the Scuderia doesn't seem to have the pace though Vettel says they have more down force. Claire Williams says their first goal is to put a car solidly into Q2. Haas does not seem very quick and Mags binned it early, costing the team most of the afternoon session. Oz could be very interesting.

Day 4 - lunch: Kubica currently posting the fastest time! The Alfa is on C5 tyres (which I believe are the fastest??) but he is over half a second faster than Gasly in the Alpha on C4 tyres (Alfa and Alpha will continue to confuse me).
Most of the others are on C2 or C3 tyres so not really comparative apart from Latifi who is also on C4 tyres and nearly a second slower than Gasly (worrying!)


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