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Should I stay or should I go? How Bizarre!


Andy B:
As the song goes!
VB has not been performing and LH needs a push so GR needs to take the second seat but would Williams agree or VB come to that?
Contracts in F1 seem to mean little so maybe it'll happen it would make an exciting 2021.

John S:
Tricky one this for Wolff as he already has a champ winning combination in the cars, as long as Lewis signs on for another year, so why rock the boat. Really can't see any upside from change when the WDC and constructors title looks there for the taking with present crew.

There could be a downside to pushing Valtteri under the bus. Lewis could decide he's finished at the end of 21 even though he may have signed a multi year deal. Where does that leave team Merc with the drastically changed new reg cars in 22?

I think Toto will take 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' view for 21, after all George will still be under contract to Merc and will survive ok with the nod for 22.


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