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2020 Final results

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Congratulations to Luke Warmwater and JohnS for
a close finish. I thought you had it when I saw your
race score John. Nice finish

Congrats, Luke & John!  :yahoo:  Very well done by both of you.

Thanks again to Wizzo & Dare for making it all possible. You all do a great job for all of us.  :good:

A big congratulations to Luke Warmwater who is our first ever triple GPWizard Grid Game Champion!  :yahoo: :yahoo:

The final results are:

1st Luke Warmwater : 207
2nd John S : 204
2nd Greener_09 : 204

As always the GG has been a close fought battle with many players occupying the top spot throughout the season. As always, it was anybody's guess who would be the champion right up to the last lap.

A big thank you to Dare without whom the GG would not continue to exist and of course my heart felt thanks to each and everyone of you who took part.

Well done everyone. Take care and stay safe.


A big thank you to Dare and Wizzo, the grid game is one of the things that keep me interested in F1 race weekends.
That my score ended at the top is a mystery, it has been at the bottom at some of the individual races.
Congratulations to John and Greener, I'll have to keep an eye on the rear view mirrors next year...

John S:
Hearty Congrats to Warmwater, nearly did a Perez on you at the end, however a true multi champion don't let go that easy.  :D

Special thanks to Dare for the admin on the GG.  :good:
Your adding skills have got better with age - or is it that you don't get confused by relying on your toes for big numbers as you can't easily reach them anymore.  :-*

Thanks to Wizzo too, both for GG and somewhere to play when the world has been out of kilter this year.  :good: :good:


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