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IndyCar Without Drivers


When Darth Penske took over IndyCar & The Speedway, I expected the worst. I didn't realize how bad the worst would be.

On October 23rd, the Dallaras will be racing at The Speedway. The drivers won't. The Dark Lord has found a way to make racing pointless. The Indy Autonomous Challenge. Well, at least they (hopefully) won't be running down innocent bystanders like their open road brethren are best known for.

For some reason, the intro vid keeps talking about the achievements of drivers over the years. I don't think future vids talking about "the heroic 2021 race performance bu Chip# D7RTV469" will be nearly as inspiring.  :sick:

While all of us probably enjoy driving, driverless cars are coming and a lot of people want them. I am not any kind of fan of Penske's, but to be fair this is not replacing the 500 but in addition to it. I'm sure the overhead at the Speedway is huge and he needs to find a lot of ways to get more use from it. He's always been interested in profit as much as competition.

John S:
So without drivers it's gonna bring a whole new meaning to 'if you can't beat em wreck em'!  ;)
Think they should just bill it the most high tech Demolition Derby in history. They'd get a better crowd. 

Thought the point of automated cars was to transport people,  :confused: running empty cars is hardly gonna fill us all with more confidence about the damn things, now is it.

Andy B:
F1 had the ability to run cars driverless years ago with active suspension and the computerised systems fo launch control. I remember an interview with a team principal, I cannot remember which one, saying that the driver takes his finger off a button at the start and the car will do the rest including braking and cornering but whether it included avoiding other cars was not mentioned. It may have been Ron Dennis.

This isn't such a new idea.

Self driving cars have been competing for the Piston Cup for decades.


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