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How Porsche Built a Car Faster Than F1


John S:
By ignoring every rule in the book with the 919 Evo - that's how.

Pleasing to know that an F1 team ignoring the rules Porsche style could go even faster.  ;)

Andy B:
Is that not what Ferrari did and then got clipped back!

I think the fact that the FIA let Ferrari keep most of their gain till the end of the season means they were in the gray areas of the rules. If it had been a clear step over the line the FIA would have been harsher, penalizing or even DQing them. Of course with Ferrari, it's hard to know for sure. Their loopholes seem to be larger than the other teams'.

Andy B:
Very true Ikj but the thing that bothers me is the fact that it was not announced what they had done wrong and if such a grey area it would been tightened up so no need for the secrecy. F1 is far from a fair playing field when it comes to Ferrari and if they left they would not be missed any more than the other teams.


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