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Now had the Covid Vaccination jab

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John S:
Got the jab Weds eve, slick operation at the Grantham vaccination centre, thanks to all the staff for their efforts.  :good:

My brother in law commented that I'm now a '1 in 10', million that is as ten million vaccination mark passed on Weds eve.  :swoon:

I'm fine aside from a sore arm and a thumping headache yesterday, I don't usually suffer headaches but guess some reaction to drug welcome as it shows efficacy. Mine was Pfizer.

I rather oddly also belched rather a lot yesterday, well over a couple dozen times, again I'm not prone to windy pops so it might be a side effect. Might just have easily been summat I ate too, so no big deal. All seems fine today.   

Congrats, John! Glad to hear that it went so well.  :yahoo:

I technically become eligible for mine on mine on Monday (Ages 65+) Since Ohio is sending most of the vaccine to the big cities, who knows when I'll actually get it.

Canada has messed up vaccinations so much I'll be lucky to get one by Christmas.

Definitely makes the Canadian Grand Prix unlikely.

Andy B:
New Zealand does not get any vaccines till March and then frontline workers are first up and quite rightly so. So quite unknown when I'll get mine but we seem to be in a different situation than most countries.

Alianora La Canta:
My dad, brother and the elderly ex-neighbour in my support circle have all had their first jabs. I don't know what Dad and my brother got (I'm not sure they do either, as it was a very rushed care home mass vaccination and they spent most of their time helping residents get their jabs). My ex-neighbour definitely got Pfizer, and praised the excellent organisation at their GP.

I expect Mum to get her first jab at some point in the next few weeks, and me to get one in the second half of 2021 (since I'm in the last category for eligibility, being under-50 and without any aggravating conditions). I do know my practice shuts twice a week, on average, to do an afternoon of COVID vaccination.

Further, the local theatre is using venue payments for COVID vaccination to keep solvent, and the local football club is preparing to offer mass vaccination too. Amusingly, this meant some of the team staff got vaccinated because there were a few doses left over after volunteers and vulnerable people available at short notice shared out the preparation crate. This is because the system here is "waste not, want not", and the local hub takes it as a point of pride that it's only wasted 1 dose since rollout started.


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