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Cheats or Genius? F1 teams that pushed to the limits & beyond


John S:
From 'F' thingummies, too many pedals/wings/wheels or lead shot in water tanks; take a look at some smart thinking, wild ideas - or perhaps just downright chicanery from F1 teams.  :D 

Urrrgh! FOM strikes again, you'll need to click thru to youtube page itself sorry guys 'n gals.

Your a genius if you cheat and don't get caught. Cheat and get caught your a cheat

I cuould never understand why they banned the Renault mass damper. Cheap, easy & very adaptable to road cars.

Alianora La Canta:
They banned it because Renault would have walked the 2006 title otherwise. The part where the FIA accidentally banned aerodynamics in the process (unsurprisingly not something they enforced...) was an accident.


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