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Seems it's not only F1 with track limits problems


John S:
Daytona road course had no real track limits issues at turns 9 and 10, bus stop chicane, until Nascar turned up and literally ripped up the track.  :swoon:

Now either Nascar drivers are less accurate than other series drivers, or they are more aggressive and take liberties. Whatever it is they managed, on their first competitive outing, to bring lots of mud onto the track by running well beyond track limits in an exhibition race.  :crazy:

Authorities want to end Nascar's mud plugging at Daytona by adding turtle rumble strips to inside of Bus stop chicane.

Anyone know if they use this 'turtle' system anywhere on F1 tracks already, are they some sort of sausage kerbs?
If not might be good idea for F1 to track data to see if good for some of the more gamed turns at GP race tracks.


Alianora La Canta:
Turtle bumps are a type of speed bump, and are banned in F1 because they would cause too much risk of catastrophic damage and/or flipping.


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