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New season Ferrari F1 car SF21 to have two tone livery


John S:
No not Philip Morris red and white.  :DD 

But double shade of red tone that the Maranello Scuderia is famed for.

So says Italian website formu1a.uno. The paras below are translated from their website today.

The livery.

After the questionable orange red of the SF90 and the red already more faithful to the tradition of the SF1000, the new SF21 will have a double shade of tone remaining still opaque and with a red that will become from the bottom to the top tending to a darker red similar to Gp Mugello 1000.

We will see what effect it will have. The Ferrari SF21, the last to go out in public, will, as always, be the most awaited.

Courtesy Giuliano Duchessa, formu1a.uno, Today.


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