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Haas Rolls Out New Livery & Sponsors

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Saving the best for last, here's the Haas VF-21. And, yes, Lonnie, it has white roundels for the numbers!  ;)

New sponsor 1&1 is a direct result of the arrival of Mick Schumacher. He will serve as the brand ambassador for the German telcom.

Seriously, I think this is Haas's best livery yet.


 :good: :good: :good:

Lets hope they have improved the performance a bit.

John S:
Good job from Haas.  :good:

Big influence from their new Mazepin money I guess, and why not. Still not as bad as painting your car pink to please a sponsor.  :D

Kinda reminiscent of Williams Rokit era paint scheme, but then with 10 teams bound to be overlap sometimes. Often wonder if Ferrari would kick off if another team painted their cars all red? :DntKnw:

Well back in the '80's both Alfa and Macca were done in Marlboro colors. In the '50's Alfas, Ferraris and Maseratis were all red.  :DntKnw:

It seems the World Anti Doping (WADA) are looking into Haas because Mazepin is forbidden to use the Russian Flag with his name. Oopsie?



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