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GPWizard 2021 Grid Game starts this weekend get your F1 picks in


John S:
Yay!  :yahoo:  The game's afoot, put your picks in now for the first race in Bahrain.

FREE to join GPWizard Grid Game is a great way to enjoy the rivalry of F1 season - and there's a prize for the winner at season end.  :yahoo:

Simply go to the header section Grid Game to find a drop down menu to get playing.

You can still join in at any time during season but missing races means lost points - we all know 'points means places' at season end.

Get your picks in at least an hour B4 F1 Quali for max results.

...........and may the best car/player win.  :confused:  :DntKnw:

Finally, F1 season!!!!!  :yahoo:

I've already got my Haas cap on. (And will probably do as well as they do this season  ;)   )


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