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F1 Race result maybe uncertain for days after GP with new FIA deep dive checks

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John S:
Seems Ferrari fuel flow saga furore has prompted a more intrusive tech check system to be enacted.

All those who cried foul at secret Ferrari fuel flow deal are rewarded with even more draconian post race check system.  :swoon:

Be careful what you holler about, FIA reply may make your eyes water more than original outrage.   :D   


Wait for the brouhaha the first time they disqualify a winner or even a podium finisher.

The space shuttle went into orbit with 2 k of memory.  If we need to spend weeks/months deciphering code for an F1 car, maybe it's time to put a hard cap on how much memory an F1 car can use.  Everything else is regulated, why not give F1 cars a single ARM chip with a floppy drive?  It would require some fantastic innovation which would have real world applications, while making it much easier for an F1 car to be scrutineered.

It would ALSO bring back the mythical reliance on driver skill over team programming ability.

Can anyone tell me how many regulations there are in F1?
There must be a few million.    >:(

Alianora La Canta:
Even the FIA can't answer that one, because they don't keep track of all their race briefings and informal notes that also act as regulations but never get formally noted as such. (Why yes, I do have a bee in my bonnet about this one, as someone on a different forum moaned at me earlier this week...)


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