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The Incredible Evolution of Formula 1 Engines


John S:
From the 4.5 litre/1.5 supercharged regs of the 50s, thru inline 4s and 8s, V12s and 16s - and even a huge V-twin, to 1.6 turbo monsters, then latter day V10s & V8s, and on to the current MgK/MgH assisted V6s.

Quite a journey, lubricated by real headspace ingenuity & loads of risk taking.

I think they gave Honda credit for some stuff Renault invented. I caught a few other minor faults but overall pretty good.

Good find, John. Thanks!

I've always had a soft spot for the BRM H-16. The sound was unforgettable. The idea came from the successful World War II Napier Sabre H-24 fighter plane engine. Too bad they couldn't make it work.


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