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How the F1 'World Feed' is made for TV


It's a video about 'live TV', but it's mostly a case study of how the F1 World Feed is generated.  (Trigger warning, they occasionally show Indy Car clips while talking about F1)

I learned some new stuff, like they don't use satellites to transmit the data.

John S:
Good fnd Jeri,  :good: thanks it fills in a lot of the gaps I had in understanding how we get the race from each track consistantly.

I've always supposed Tata are software partners, it seems they are really infrastructure partners in this more than anything.

Who knew satellites play no part in F1 world feed until it's handed to the eventual broadcasters, like SKY Sports?   

I was also surprised at how much of the production work is done off-site. Thanks, Jeri.  :good:


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