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Should F1 adopt Indy car rule deleting best time of red flag driver in Quali?

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John S:
Without laying any blame for Leclerc, or other Quali limiting shunts, is it time for F1 to tidy up the rules and delete the best time in the session for anyone who brings out the red flag in Quali sessions?

An alternative could be 5 mins extra time added to any Quali session affected by a red flag, plus an extra set of softs to remaining competitors if it happens in Q3. This would give time & boots for the others to reset and go again thus levelling the playing field. 

What's anyone think? 

Adding extra time to give everyone a fair chance
seems fair

Alianora La Canta:
Extra time isn't an option at most tracks due to the propensity to run feeder formula races after F1 qualifying.

Automatically deleting the fastest lap punishes people who are trying to improve their lap time. It seems the penalty for that is already high enough...

I have always felt that adding time would be the most reasonable solution. For once I do not fully agree with Ali, in F1 they have loads of available time - generally the only time limitation is fitting in with the TV schedules. I think they could easily add enough time for 4 to 5 extra laps on Q3.

Maybe something similar to NASCAR's green-white-checkers "overtime." An out lap, a battery charger lap, an all-out dash & an in lap.

I don't think the TV broadcasters would care for it, though. They like nice, dependable scheduling.


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