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For those of you who may have missed it Helio Castroneves became only the 3RD 4 time winner of the Indy 500 yesterday. I really enjoyed it because Penske dumped Helio this year and no one gave him much of a shot with the one off ride with the smaller Meyer-Shank racing team. This is an "In your face" moment for Penske and I'm there for it. Hate Penske.

I didn't get to watch the full race, I happened to tune in for Wilson's pit crash, which really screwed over Herta and Rossi, ran some errands, and came back more or less to see the video you posted.

Only three cars out.  Only 3 more not on the lead lap.  No big crash.  I don't know how many yellows there were, but it was the fastest 500 ever.

Helio is a hell of a winner.  Watching him win the 500 is a show all its own!  It's a tough race to win, much less twice, and he's done it 4 times, and showed why.

I'm no fan of Penske, either, and was very, very happy to see Helio win.

Meyer-Shank Racing is based in Pataskala, Ohio. It's a suburb on the east side of Columbus. It's about 20 minutes away from me. Mike Shank has a home on the east end of Buckeye Lake, very near my boss Scotto. Mike & Scotto are friends.

There were a couple of spins in the pits, but the only other yellow was this


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