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Are F1 Limbo wings a costly red herring from Merc?


John S:
Looking at video evidence, see Ant Davidson vid below, Merc rear wings are flexing as much as Red Bull in Baku.

If Merc have the bendy wing available, as well as rigid ones, maybe they just want to make others use up budget on rigid ones.  :crazy:

So if Merc have bendy rear wing why not just run it and let everyone get on with racing?   :confused:

However will the new test come back to bite Merc and force them to spend budget as their rigid wing may not pass?  :DntKnw:


Alianora La Canta:
Hard to say. If Mercedes already has both types of wing, then there's a financial advantage to forcing both to be used, compared to those who only had bendy wings at the start of the season (sunk costs).


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