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Yuki Tsunoda's New Schedule


Alianora La Canta:
Yuki Tsunoda has moved from Milton Keynes to Faenza as of last week (in contrast to every other Red Bull driver, who has been required to stay at Milton Keynes at least until they finish their first season). Yuki has also been given a new, rigourous training schedule. Apart from suddenly having 4 1/2 hours of gym work every day, he's remarked that he now, for the first time in the program, gets the opportunity to have... ...English lessons.

In Italy.

Apparently he was not offered the opportunity for English lessons while in England.

Presented without comment.

John S:
Hey Alia it's because we can understand his broken English, but to Italians it's worse than a Brummie or Geordie accent.  :D


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