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He drove a great race and showed why he loves this track, he is fast on it. Nice to see Seb get a podium.

 A street circuit but one with wide long straights and lots of passing opportunities. But its narrow sections and tight 90 degree corners call for complete focus for the drivers as this track does not reward mistakes.

He showed why Red Bull took a chance on him with his second top step this season. Red Bull now has a driver that can compete with Max and gives them two race winners. A team to be reckoned with for sure.

A well-driven race and he got everything out of the Alpine he could to finish 6th. Shades of Alonso in his prime. I was not sure he should have come back but he did a good job today.


A lot to be answered for with two life-threatening shunts due to rear tire failure, it appears. Both Lance and Max are lucky they were able to keep control enough to not slip into the driving lane as their rears failed and they were thrown into the walls at near 200 MPH. Thankfully both walked away with no issues.

Overcooked the brakes for the 2 lap restart and then late braked right down the escape lane. A bad move that cost him the retaking of the lead in the Championship. Lots of racing left to make up for this one. Damn good thing Max did not finish in the points either.

From pole to finish 4th and at no time were you a threat. The 4th position was not due to great driving either. I had high hope when he started in F1 last year but Carlos seems to have gotten a handle on the Ferrari faster than Leclerc did.

Agreed except Pirelli and Lewis. 

Lewis said he brushed a button that apparently disabled his rear brakes.  No sure why there would be such a button, but who knows.

Plenty of things could have caused the tires to fail, including puncture, track defect or simply that they were near the end of their life, at least in Maxís case, and maybe early race rubbing in Strollís case.

Also in the heroís was Gasly who did a wonderful job at defending 3rd for those critical last two laps.

Alianora La Canta:

Vettel - Started 11th, finished 2nd, showed much daring and style along the way. Also spoke lots of truth to power in the post-race interviews.

Perez - Finished despite his engine having such severe problems that at one point he was asked to retire (Checo ignored them and put his extensive engine management practise he obtained with Racing Point to good use instead). I gather his finishing position was decent too ;)

Schumacher - Had an oil pressure problem, a battery charging problem, a pitstop so slow he spent time in the garage, nearly got hit by Mazepin... ...and overtook Mazepin in the final lap (it may even have been the final corner) to finish 13th.


Pirelli: You said these tyres would last 40 laps. The harsh running on Friday showed there might be a problem, but you insisted there wasn't and that the tyres would still last 40 laps. They did not last 40 laps, gave no warning before total shoulder failure (a mechanism that shouldn't happen that far away from the prediction), and you tried to blame debris that, as far as can be ascertained, wasn't there. A marshal nearly got killed today thanks to your false predictions. Next time, please do better, or at least make your excuses more plausible (a simple "We will investigate fully and tell you the results later", without further elaboration, would be a good response at this juncture, given that you clearly did not know the actual answer at this time). Or maybe stop trying to predict the performance of your products in an apparent sop to the FIA and Amazon AWS.

Sainz - The Turn 3 run-off is not a recognised part of the continuous circuit. Please brake earlier and gentler in future at that corner.

Bottas - For the vanishing act near the end of the race.

The brake switch is to activate brake regeneration. It's not possible to run both regen braking and standard braking at the same time, and the two modes of braking have different performance characteristics. However, this seems more like a user interface issue than a pure driver error.


Karma - Given what happened to Verstappen, I'm kind of glad that Lewis got no points either. Keeps the standings somewhat honest.


Stewards - Everyone on the grid after Verstappen's crash apparently didn't slowdown enough and they should all have come in for a 10 second stop-go penalty. I don't agree that just because they all did they should not get a penalty. That rule is not about race advantage, but about safety.

Williams - For ruining Latifi's race.

Bottas - Although I'm tempted to add him to the heroes list, I mean he did finish 3 places and 6 seconds ahead Lewis, that takes some doing!  :DD :DD :DD

Seriously though, I wonder how much longer Bottas will have that drive if he doesn't  up his game soon. It's making things harder for Hamilton as he can't rely on someone to get in the way of Verstappen's pit strategy. Verstappen had that problem last year.

Andy B:
From what I have read the magic button transfers all the brake balance to the fronts for use during warm up laps only the rears do not need it as that braking is via KERS. I sure there will be a modification to the button or its function before France.


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