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Merc F1 'magic' button how's it work and what's the point?


John S:
Motorsport.com provides the answer to what it does, - but not crucially if all teams have it?  :confused:

If others do have the magic why wasn't it obvious with smoky brakes on more cars at restart?  :DntKnw:


I think it's a little sad that the driver has so much to do besides drive. No wonder so many of them hit stuff.

It almost feels like a 'B' science fiction movie where the self destruct button is right next to the ultimate weapon button.

Alianora La Canta:
Other teams have different methods of managing that process. Remember the Racing Points smoked a lot on starts and restarts last year, and the team seemed oddly unconcerned? That, in retrospect, may be to do with the magic button implementation too; it seems it's a symptom of using it incorrectly or outside its optimal setting. (Note: the Mercedes doesn't usually smoke. Neither does the Williams, nor the Aston Martin this year).


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