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Author Topic: 2021 British Grand Prix Heroes and Zeroes  (Read 493 times)

Offline Jericoke

2021 British Grand Prix Heroes and Zeroes
« on: July 18, 2021, 07:36:15 PM »

Hamilton, hometown hero.  I disagree he should have been penalized for what happened, but I'm not a race car driver.  However, given drivers react to things on the order of milliseconds, if the stewards take 20 minutes to decide blame, it's clearly not something that could have been avoided.  Neither Max nor Lewis had 20 minutes to work out how to take that turn.  Lewis survived contact, drove a spotless race and, rarely for him, kept the whining to a minimum.

LeClerc.  Inheriting first place from Max/Lewis was a gift, but he held on to it far longer than I expected.  A great race from a driver who (hopefully) has a bright future in the sport.

Norris.  Continues to prove 'the future' of F1 isn't just a single driver.  There's a whole cohort of 'future champions' waiting in the wings.

Modern F1 safety.  Max hit the barrier with 51 times the force of gravity.  In another era that would have been death.  The car/barrier did their jobs. I'm a little curious how he had that much speed after a long run off area AND a gravel trap. Hopefully no ill effects on Max and he's back for the next race.


Everyone radioing in to race control to provide 'their side' of what was going on.  The stewards (should) know what they're doing.  If you don't trust them, the middle of the race isn't the opportunity to voice your concerns.  Let them do their job.  If they've got any questions, they'll ask.

Driver wise, I don't think anyone was especially disappointing.  Certainly Perez and Vettel had bad moments, but I wouldn't go so far as to 'zero' them.  I'm not sure how Schumacher ended up last.

There were some hiccups in the pitstops, but the commentators suggested the heat of the weekend was causing trouble.  If that's true, hard for the teams to anticipate that, and I did enjoy it mixing things up a bit.  Maybe there's a way to make the wheel nuts 'sticky' without compromising safety that makes the stops a little unpredictable?

Offline rmassart

Re: 2021 British Grand Prix Heroes and Zeroes
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2021, 09:13:17 PM »

Hamilton - for a great recovery drive. How Hamilton got penalised for the crash I don't understand. A few years ago nobody would have batted an eyelid about that incident. It would have been a racing incident. Interestingly the exact inverse of that crash happened a few corners earlier at Brooklands I think. Hamilton was just ahead on the outside, but Verstappen didn't give way and Hamilton backed off and lost what was the lead for a split second.

Leclerc - did well to lead for so long with an engine that was playing up.


RedBull - for choosing to lose both driver and championship points in order prevent Hamilton from getting the fastest lap point, by pitting Perez from a points scoring position to get fresh rubber at the end.  That's just rubbish.

Verstappen - for not thinking long term. He knew very well that just following his line through the corner risked a collision. And since he was on the outside, probably he would be worse off if his rear wheels got clipped by Hamilton. He could have backed off settled for second in that corner and he would probably have won the race, given his car is superior at the moment. Instead in a split moment he lost 25 points in the championship.

Offline monty

Re: 2021 British Grand Prix Heroes and Zeroes
« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2021, 09:04:25 AM »
Hero status -
Hamilton; he did nothing wrong in my opinion; the on boards show Verstappen turned in on him. Even better, he acted like a true professional - no swearing or whining just got on with an incredible come back drive.
Bottas; a really solid drive but more importantly he played his part in helping Hamilton recover.
Norris; probably the best the car could manage but he drove brilliantly
Leclerc/Ferrari; where did that pace come from?? Good drive!

Zero status -
Verstappen; so it is OK for you to bump wheels with other drivers, force them off the road in corners, etc., etc. but when someone has the audacity to do the same to you; you turn in on them and then cry about the outcome???!!!
Horner; do you realise how pathetic you sounded?
Marko; what gives you the right to tell the FIA they should give a driver a race ban for what was (at worst) a racing incident?

Offline Dare

Re: 2021 British Grand Prix Heroes and Zeroes
« Reply #3 on: July 19, 2021, 01:11:14 PM »
I wonder if Max did what Hamilton did what
the remarks would be
democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those
who are
willing to work and give to those who would not."

Offline Willy

Re: 2021 British Grand Prix Heroes and Zeroes
« Reply #4 on: July 19, 2021, 01:54:48 PM »
He did what he does and managed to win with a 10-second penalty to boot after Max tried to cut him off. It was inspired driving to the finish. No radio chatter, just good driving.
A great job after getting handed the lead and holding on until the very end. He wrung everything out of the Ferarri he could.
Well done and a driver to contend with.

He saw Lewis as the onboard reactions showed, and still drove to the right to cut him off. Glad he was not injured but not at all sad to watch him out of the race.
It was a racing incident. Plain and simple.  A 10 second penalty was not necessary.
This guy is a complete moron and every time he opens his mouth, stupidity spews out.  The media needs to stop asking this clown his opinion.
Horner & Wolff
Not at all helpful to try to plead your cases over the radio when the stewards are deliberating.

Offline cosworth151

Re: 2021 British Grand Prix Heroes and Zeroes
« Reply #5 on: July 19, 2021, 02:30:33 PM »
I only got to watch until just after the restart. I'll watch the replay later today (hopefully).

It looked to me like Max tried to pull a "Schumacher Chop" on Lewis, just like the one he did a few moments before, but misjudged his position relative to the Mercedes. To use a phase we have on this side of the pond, "it was just one of them racin' deals." There was no way the stewards should have given Hamilton a 10 second ding.
“You can search the world over for the finer things, but you won't find a match for the American road and the creatures that live on it.”
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Offline monty

Re: 2021 British Grand Prix Heroes and Zeroes
« Reply #6 on: July 19, 2021, 02:42:04 PM »
So much rubbish has been discussed; 'Hamilton's position meant he would have missed the apex' - the corner is so wide there are a hundred approaches that still result in 'hitting the apex' and this picture shows he was close to the kerbs and heading towards the apex. Max could easily have taken a wide sweep through the corner but chose to apply a 'hard right' input to the steering (the on board camera images clearly show him turning hard right). If I was to give him any credit I could perhaps accept that he thought he had cleared Hamilton but he had only just opened the steering milli-seconds before when he clearly realised that Hamilton was along side. My belief is that he thought he could 'bully' Hamiliton to back out but misjudged the move not realising that his actions would result in the rear-wheel on front-wheel impact that almost always ends up with a big off.

Offline rmassart

Re: 2021 British Grand Prix Heroes and Zeroes
« Reply #7 on: July 19, 2021, 03:53:50 PM »
So much rubbish has been discussed; 'Hamilton's position meant he would have missed the apex' - the corner is so wide there are a hundred approaches that still result in 'hitting the apex' and this picture shows he was close to the kerbs and heading towards the apex.

I fully agree with this. The stewards report focusing on the apex seems strange to me. I am not a racing driver, nevertheless, surely when you are going wheel to wheel into a corner, the aim is to be ahead of the other guy, not to go for some idealised view of the apex.

If you look at how they entered Brooklands a few corners earlier it was the exact inverse. Hamilton was in the lead and gave way to Verstappen on the inside. Sure the speeds were lower, but the result of having your rear wheel clipped by the guy just behind you is generally a ruined race for youself. Hamilton decided to not take that risk on lap 1. Verstappen didn't.

They say Verstappen has matured, and maybe he has. But he still has some way to go to eradicate these poor split second decisions. Who's at fault doesn't really matter. Fact is that rather than just giving Hamilton the lead in the corner, he gave him 25pts instead.

Offline lkjohnson1950

Re: 2021 British Grand Prix Heroes and Zeroes
« Reply #8 on: July 19, 2021, 06:00:26 PM »
I think the fact that Copse is one of the fastest corners in F1 colored everyone's judgement. If this had happened at turn 3, Lewis might have gotten a 5 second penalty for avoidable contact and no one would be talking about it. R/B's whole argument was no one passes there because it's a super fast, dangerous corner. Except, these are racing drivers who seize every opportunity to pass. I saw several other passes made there over the course of the race.

Offline Alianora La Canta

Re: 2021 British Grand Prix Heroes and Zeroes
« Reply #9 on: July 19, 2021, 09:28:16 PM »

Leclerc - This may be the best drive of Charles' career so far. P4 in a car that is a third-row contender on a good day. Maintained it in the sprint. Got a great start to Part 2 to pass Bottas and smartly stayed away from the brewing storm ahead - until he spied the chance to skip past the carambolage. Even better restart led to a commanding lead, until the engine started cutting out. With Ferrari's help, he fixed that each time it happened. The Mercedes was a better car on hard tyres - the surprise was that Charles managed to get away on mediums. Final overtake was inevitable, and defeat stings - but that was an incredible performance. (I just wish Charles would be kinder to himself when he doesn't get what he wants).

McLaren - another very solid performance. Ferrari took the headlines but I feel this is the "best of the rest" contest to savour.

Stroll - got past more people than anyone else thanks to great strategy and an even better start.

Honourable mention - Whoever thought it was a good idea to put a Murray Walker tribute on the backs of the P1-P3 trophies this year. That was classy.

(Note on Hamilton and Verstappen - both drove excellently apart from the Copse collision, where both picked the wrong line. For me it was a racing incident, but both should reflect on their decision-making. I'm refusing to put them in either "hero" or "zero" category, though each had moments of both).

Zeroes (logic was a DNS)

The people lobbing racist comments and death threats at Hamilton, Verstappen and anyone who takes the Hamilton Commission report seriously - Social media was evil yesterday. Max and Lewis do not deserve to die or be permanently injured for being in a high-profile crash, neither do they deserve to have their skin colour or nationality cited against them. Social media louts are not welcome as F1 fans. (Maybe the date made me more sensitive than usual... ...but death threats against anyone in F1 are vile on any day).

The people who had apparently forgotten Michael Masi is not himself a steward - the race director can't do anything about judicial cases apart from report potential violations. Once that report is in, all information about the violation needs to go to the stewards - in person. Mercedes and Red Bull leaders, you know where the stewards' office is, it's where you left it yesterday. Now stop moaning, get your shoes on and walk!

The people who claimed Sebastian Vettel spent 3 hours litter-picking after the race "for attention" - yes, the man who was metaphorically dragged kicking and screaming onto a TikTok because his team signed them as a sponsor supposedly spent all evening cleaning up after messy fans in order to get views on the Instagram he doesn't have and the Twitter account that doesn't exist. His team only bothered to record it because it agrees with him that the environment is important, and that's the only reason anyone knows about the litter-picking...

Dishonourable mention: Ross Brawn - for judging the sprint a roaring success without even bothering to check the view of anyone not at the circuit. Turns out success is more complicated to assess than it sounds.
Percussus resurgio
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Offline Scott

Re: 2021 British Grand Prix Heroes and Zeroes
« Reply #10 on: July 19, 2021, 09:35:25 PM »
Max vs Lewis was racing IMO.  Both had room and both chose to not give up the center of the turn.  It looked to me that Lewis had his steering locked out so he couldn’t give much more, but at the end of the day, even with a time penalty he won the race.  Hero.

Sorry for Perez and Vettel.  I only saw the race highlights,so I’m not sure how Perez fell so far back, but he didn’t do his job by gathering lost points for RBR.
The Honey Badger doesn't give a...

Offline lkjohnson1950

Re: 2021 British Grand Prix Heroes and Zeroes
« Reply #11 on: July 19, 2021, 11:01:59 PM »
Honorable Mention Hero,

DannyRic for holding off Saenz for half the race despite Saenz having DRS. A much better weekend for Daniel, I hope it means he's getting to grips with the Macca.


The Ferrari engine shop. If you realize Charles lost 3 to 4 seconds during each incident, Lewis would have had a much more difficult time catching him. Charles might have easily won.

Perez came up from the back quickly until he hit the DRS train. He was about 6th during the first stint. After pitstops the train was shorter but Perez still acted as the caboose. At the very end of the race, some dumb or spiteful or anxious person noticed Lewis had fastest lap and decided taking that from him was more important than scoring points. Sooo, they called Perez in, strapped on a set of reds, and sent him out. He dutifully set fastest lap, thereby depriving Lewis of a single point. Merc got 1ST and 3RD while R/B got...nothing. Just spite I think.


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