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Lando now holds a very special F1 record at McLaren

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John S:
His run of 10 points scoring races since start of season beats even Hamilton & Senna.

Lando also set a new record for consecutive points finishes as a McLaren driver, with his staggering streak of 15 races in the top-10 to take away Alonso's crown.  Wow, Wow & Wow!  :swoon:


I'd take Lando over  Russel


--- Quote from: Dare on July 21, 2021, 10:19:13 PM ---I'd take Lando over  Russel

--- End quote ---


It would definitely be fun to see them go up against each other in top flight cars. I hope it works out that way.

Has f1 ever had a Brit vs Brit title fight?
(Or two drivers from the same country?)

2010 had Hamilton and Button both in the running, but it wasn't a direct fight with a lot of drivers in the mix until they very end of the season.


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