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Have FIA knocked back Honda F1 power unit output?


John S:
There's a suggestion Honda has been nobbled by a technical directive from FIA slowing their increase in power deployment thereby reducing Red Bull straight line speed.
The silence is stunning though from all concerned so is this just kite flying?  :DntKnw:

At end of the piece though there's an even more revealing snippet about Merc cooling the plenum of their engines b4 Quali or race.  :swoon:

Them crazy tech head engineers are pushing the envelope beyond what most thought feasible again.  8)

Isn't it good to know there's still secret tricky solutions/innovations in F1 to gain a few hundredths of a sec - or the jump on competitors.  :D
How long b4 another directive arrives in the inbox d'ya reckon?   ;) 


Andy B:
Marko has denied everything so that pretty much confirms it!  :DD


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