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Have Merc found legal F1 PU trick to help increase power on corner exits?


John S:
Red Bull & Ferrari seem to think there's something suspicious going on with Merc's Plenum cooling. 

- Yeah I know what the hell is the Plenum???? Apparently it's a pressurised chamber providing air ahead of fuel inlet and cylinders, in a normal road car it's typically an airbox. The colder you can make the air the bigger bang for your buck so to speak.

As to whether Merc's system is legal  :DntKnw: - the FIA are not biting at the moment......... and maybe they never will.


N.B also read a long comment by Steve Halsall lower down planetf1 web page  for explanation of F1 Regs and how Merc's trick may well be legal as they measure average lap temps not spot temps. Addendum (You'll need to alter the comments sort button to Best as there's now a big number of comments on this topic)

Could this be another flexy wing problem, they may meet the test as it stands, but will test parameter be tightened?
If so will their be other collateral damage for other OEMs?   

The intake air passes through an intercooler between the turbo & the plenum to cool it. Many American V8's used to have water passages through the intake manifold to cool the intake mixture. It doesn't sound like anything new or innovative.

John S:
The new thing is the trick of getting air much cooler than expected - or supposedly allowed - at certain times Cos, that's what RBR & Ferrari are distrustful of.


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