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Merc to go cordless with F1 wheelguns in 22


John S:
How long before we see others follow? 

Or perhaps more pertinant, how long before this new tech with it's auto change of direction causes a chaotic loss of time in a stop?  :D


I think the answer to both questions is very soon. Easier to have a backup on standby with cordless though.

My father did automotive factory tooling for a career, and he swore by air powered tools over electrical every time.  The tools he installed out lived his career.  I know this because my brother, as an electrician at the same automotive factory, helped install the electrical replacements for the pneumatic tools.  The plant closed shortly after the conversion.  (I'm not saying that it was because of the change... but given my brother's vested interest in electrical tools, even he knew they were crap on that scale)

Maybe Mercedes has solved these reliability issues.  Honestly though, it feels like a call from somewhere up the food chain "why do we have air hoses everywhere when I've seen contractors in my house with an electric screw gun?"

Alianora La Canta:
In fairness, cordless power tools (electrical or air) are probably safer than corded ones in the context of a busy F1 pitlane.


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