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Not an F1 rocket engine for Merc in Brazil but 'Party Mode' locked in.


John S:
Scott Mansell & Craig Scarborough give us the lowdown on why Lewis' Merc engine was so much faster than the rest in Brazil 21. Oh they definetly agree it was faster than other engines in the race, but no rules where broken - How is this possible?

We all supposed 'Party Modes' had been outlawed, however only the ability to turn up your engine from it's normal max for a selected time is what FIA actually banned.
So if you code your PU to operate at full beans under max acceleration for it's normal running cycle this is not using 'Party Mode' - it's just a Spicy engine.  :swoon:
Merc also able to duck budgetary restraints as an engine manufacturer with extra short life engines.  :crazy:

Begs the question of how many OEM teams might be prepared to take advantage of this short life cycle for engines this season?

Hey maybe the days of single use Quali engines is not over after all.  :DD


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