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Some F1 Teams Will 'Get it Really Badly Wrong'

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It looks like Mercedesí chief technical officer James Allison agrees we what we've been discussing here. One or two team will get things majorly wrong with their cars for the new rules package and have a terrible season. Any bets on which one?


The other thing to remember is this is also the first 'blank sheet' car design in the cap era.  Mercedes could continue making a great car better, because they could throw money at it.  It'll be different now though, simply not having the budget available for drastic changes.

Now the team is more important than ever, to have people who can get the expensive parts right on the first try.

John S:
Be ironic if it's Merc that falls behind with these rather pointless comments from Allison.  :D

There are always winners & losers when the spec gets changed dramatically, it's what makes F1 special as all cars are prototypes from each team. This is especially true with a complete new ruleset which means no one can copy another teams design from last or preceding years.   

Andy B:
Those who have been in the design stage longest should reign as its not a rush job!

Isn't that the case every year. Get it wrong and lose


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