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Author Topic: Is Push-to-Pass correct thing for 2026 F1 new regs cars?  (Read 13185 times)

Offline John S

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Is Push-to-Pass correct thing for 2026 F1 new regs cars?
« on: March 31, 2024, 03:43:36 PM »
Extra power for overtaking may seem like a dream for some wanting things spiced up on track, but is it really in F1 DNA?  :DntKnw:

Also will Push-to-Pass be instead of DRS, or as well as?   :confused:

All seems a bit artificial to me, maybe I'm wrong, what do others think?

Racing is Life - everything else is just....waiting. (Steve McQueen)

Offline Alianora La Canta

Re: Is Push-to-Pass correct thing for 2026 F1 new regs cars?
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2024, 06:38:13 PM »
Neither, please.
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Offline Jericoke

Re: Is Push-to-Pass correct thing for 2026 F1 new regs cars?
« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2024, 08:23:12 PM »
I'll always say that complaining about racing being 'artificial' doesn't make sense.  It's not like F1 cars grow in the wild: the entire enterprise is artificial.  Further, as a spectator sport, the rules should always adjust towards making a watchable product (even if the powers that be get that wrong, I'll give them a pass on good faith attempts).

With that said... I don't care for the push to pass system where a car has reserve power they're only allowed to deploy a fixed amount of time. I'm fine with DRS, and I like, as a spectator, that there's a way to give an advantage to a trailing car that is still a technical innovation (doesn't everyone say that RBR has a better DRS than others?  Another area to differentiate the cars is about as un 'artificial' as F1 gets isn't it?). I've enjoyed the last couple of seasons with drivers using detection points and multiple DRS zones strategically, appearing to lose a place only to actually solidify it half a lap later.

I like the current DRS system, though if someone wants to tinker, I'll be open minded.  I don't want the cars to be 'artificially' limited (I'm already not a fan of rev limiters and a cap on ERS deployment). In a cost cap era let someone blow up their engine if they want. And if F1 wants to be at the forefront of automotive technology, the hybrid system should be unlimited.  Left to their own devices, an F1 team might be able to come up with a car that is basically electric, using the ICE as power boost.

Offline Andy B

Re: Is Push-to-Pass correct thing for 2026 F1 new regs cars?
« Reply #3 on: March 31, 2024, 09:07:42 PM »
I don't want to see either of these in F1 and the less electricity used the better as "E" racing with virtually no sound is boring for me.
I still stand that F1 has too many rules and as there is a cost cap give the teams more of a free range to design and race what they want within the budget cap.
Once you have retired every day is a Saturday!

Offline cosworth151

Re: Is Push-to-Pass correct thing for 2026 F1 new regs cars?
« Reply #4 on: April 03, 2024, 03:50:53 PM »
I agree with Jeri about the DRS. I've gotten used to it and actually like it. Active aero goes back to the 60's.

IndyCar has used Push to Pass for years. I never really cared for it. The whole thing of only having so much per race makes it a bit too gimmicky for me.
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