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Loads a Money!


He may not have won the most recent world championship, but Michael Schumacher is still the highest paid race driver in F1's pitlane.

The 'Sport-Informations-Dienst' (sid) agency has published a list of the sport's top earners, claiming that the 37-year-old Ferrari star takes home $62.4m per year. Up to $17m is personal sponsorship income.

''Michael is worth every cent of our investment in him,'' Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo is quoted as saying. In sport, only Tiger Woods ($120m) earns more.

Intriguingly, Michael's younger brother Ralf, 30 (Toyota), is listed as F1's second highest earner, with a $20.4m coffer.

Here is the full list:

* Micheal Schumacher - $62.4m
* Ralph Schmacher - $20.4m
* Kimi Raikkonen - $14.4m
* Juan Pablo Montoya - $13.2
* Rubens Barrichello - $12m
* Jarno Trulli - $9.6m
* Fernando Alonso - $7.2m
* Mark Webber - $7.2m
* David Coulthard - $7.2m
* Jenson Button - $7.2m
* Giancarlo Fisichella - $6m
* Nick Heidfeld - $6m
* Jacques Villeneuve - $3.6m
* Nico Rosberg - $1.8m
* Christian Klien - $1.8m
Yeah, but are they happy??


quite modest in my opinion!

I am with Mr Clarkson on this one, Pay them all 25,000 per annum basic and 500,000 per overtake, that would liven things up, wouldnt here them whinging about being in the dirty air then would we !!!

^^ sounds good to me. Would make it very interesting indeed. I can see some accidents resulting from desperate overtaking manoeuvres.

Shame all drivers don't get the same bonus.

Can you imagine the M25  :o Might be a bit quicker though  ;D


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