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Mercedes-AMG F1 set for title sponsor change next term

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John S:
Saudi state oil co, Aramco, look set to replace Petronas on the new gen 22 Merc F1 cars. 


At a quick read, Aramco doesn't seem nearly as interesting as Petronas does.

Aramco is an oil/natural gas company, and that's about it.  It's really really big, but that's just because it owns a lot of other oil/natural gas companies.

Petronas is an oil/natural gas company too, but they're branching out into other forms of energy as well.  Sure, they probably make all their money on oil, but at least they're trying.

I assume that when oil/natural gas becomes a bad business model, that Aramco will simply purchase another energy company, or that the ownership (Saudi Royals) will just let it whither.

I guess good for Mercedes to take their money, but it's not very exciting to me. 

(I DO find it interesting that Aramco started as a tendril of Standard Oil.  I know 'late stage capitalism' is thrown around these days, but Standard Oil really is the poster child of 'late stage capitalism')

I wonder this has anything to do with the arrival of a Saudi Arabia GP and departure of the Malaysian GP.

Losing Petronas might be a big loss for Mercedes as I believe that Petronas Fuel Formula and Lubricating oils plays a big role in Mercedes dominace. If Aramco is unable to offer the same level of expertise as Petronas, Mercedes is in big trouble.

Hopefully this would close the gap and we will see more competition up front! :yahoo:

Andy B:
I doubt Merc have not done their due diligence and will be in trouble I would expect it to have been tested to death!


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