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2022 F1 Car Launch Dates

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It time for the teams to roll out their 2022 F1 cars. This year will be especially interesting because the new rules package will bring drastically new designs.

First out of the box is Aston Martin. They will roll out the new AMR22 on 10 February.

John S:
Now McLaren are launching on Friday 11th Feb.

Then Ferrari a week later on Thursday 17th Feb.

3 declared - 7 TBC.

Mercedes have announced that they will be unveiling their car on 18 February. One day after Ferrari.

6 more cars to go!

Two more dates:

AlphaTauri - Monday, 14 February
Alpine - Monday, 21 February

6 down, 4 to go!

Alfa Romeo launches on Sunday, 27 February.


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