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Aston Martin more in debt now than when Stroll bought car firm.


John S:
Seems things are not all sweetness and light at AM road car operation.

Will Audi/VAG become white knight and take on the whole business just to get the F1 race team?


I've never run a car company, much less a 'premium marque'.  But who expected the company to be turned around, without massive investment, in 18 months?

To put things in perspective, the Cybertruck was announced a year before Stroll bought AM, and you still can't buy the damned thing.  If AM actually had designed a built a new car in that time, would you even trust it?

Not to say Stroll knows what he's doing (sounds to me he's more suited to sales than management), but if AM is going to get out of trouble by product development and not just cutting costs, there's no way to suggest there's been enough time to actually do that.


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