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Lets Beat COVID-19 Quarantine

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I thought I would start this thread for members to add anything they think might help others beat the COVID-19 quarantine period. Please post videos, movie trailers, links to games etc.

I'll start us off...

Good one, Wizzo! My all time favorite F1 car, and probably why I have a fondness for Zanvoort.  ;)

I though we could use a laugh, so here's Jerry Reed. You might remember his a Cletus "The Snowman" from Smokey & The Bandit."

There is a new Fangio documentary on Netflix.  It's quite amazing (i've only watched the first half so far).

There's a lot of interviews with who's who in F1.  A lot of the voices talk over footage of Fangio era racing, so it's fun to see if you can guess who's talking before they show up on screen.

My radio is primarily podcasts, and too many have nothing to cover other than the virus, so when I need to unplug I fire up Snap Judgement from WNYC Studios.  Very soothing and interesting stories.

The Moth is another great series.

Non-F1 podcast suggestions are welcome (kind of turned off F1 at the moment and besides most F1 podcasts are either too boring, too long or too repetitive).

Some great overtakes here....



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