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New F1 film to be aired on Netflix. From reading
the article I'm not jumping out of my seat


Andy B:
I don't think its an F1 film but a movie that has F1 within it.
Not much enthusiasm from me either!

DeNiro in a car chase movie?  I'm not expecting Ronin Part 2, but I'm looking forward to it all the same.

Yes, a Detroit street racer having a shot at F1 is implausible*, but if I want to see plausible things, I'll look out my window.

* several years ago there was a 'reality competition' on Canadian TV called 'Star Racer' where they took several Canadian racers from different disciplines, with the ultimate prize being a seat in a Road to Indy series.  They had karters, bikers, stock cars and street racers.  I believe a karter won, but someone didn't automatically assume street racers can't run open wheel.

(The show was filmed at Lawrence Stroll's race track in Mont Tremblant)

On the up side, it might increase awareness of F1 here in the States. Maybe some of them will take a look and become fans.

John S:
Don't buy Netflix so unlikely to see it, sure not gonna encourage me to pay to watch it.

Shouldn't John Boyega be playing a mechanic in one of the teams to keep F1s diversity policy on show. But hey maybe it's not an authorised film.  :DntKnw: 


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