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Title: Lotus gear up for 500th Grand Prix celebrations
Post by: John S on June 22, 2010, 06:59:04 PM

I hope everyone at Lotus enjoys this historic milestone.  :good:  My appetite is now also whetted about what's on the 'legends favourites' menu.  :DntKnw: Anyone got any clues?

This weekend's European Grand Prix in Valencia marks a major milestone for the Lotus name, as the team enters its 500th Grand Prix weekend. The milestone will be celebrated by the new Lotus Racing team throughout the weekend, and Clive Chapman, the son of original Lotus founder Colin Chapman, will be on-hand to join in the action.

The Lotus team made its debut in the hands of Chapman at the 1958 Monaco Grand Prix with just one of their two cars finishing some 13 laps behind race winner Maurice Trintignant. Since then the Lotus marque has racked up 73 wins, 102 pole positions and 164 podium finishes. In March, the Lotus name returned to the grid after a 15-year hiatus as part of Mike Gascoyne's latest efforts.

“I'm really looking forward to this weekend, and am excited about both celebrating the 500th race Lotus has competed in, and helping add another chapter to one of motorsport's greatest stories,” Gascoyne, chief technical officer of Lotus, said ahead of the weekend.

“We've already come a long way this season, and have much further to go until we can add more glory to the Lotus legend, but I and the whole team are very proud to be in a position to help the Lotus name reach this landmark moment, and it'll be great to celebrate that with Clive, Tony and the whole team.”

Team principal Tony Fernandes was also looking forward to the weekend. “Celebrating the 500th race will be an absolute honour, and will obviously be very special, but we're only nine races of the whole Lotus story,” said Fernandes. “Really, this weekend is all about celebrating Colin Chapman's history, and thanking Clive, his Mother Hazel, and all the people that have helped shape the Lotus legend.”

As part of the celebrations, the Lotus cars will feature a special "500", while the logo will also be carried on the team's garage environment. Meanwhile members of the paddock will be able to sample some of the favourite dishes of various Lotus legends including Chapman and Stirling Moss with the team's catering staff due to put together a unique menu for each of the four days., Today
Title: Re: Lotus gear up for 500th Grand Prix celebrations
Post by: Jericoke on June 22, 2010, 09:23:44 PM
13 laps back?

I guess the current Lotuses aren't so bad in comparisson  :tease:
Title: Re: Lotus gear up for 500th Grand Prix celebrations
Post by: lkjohnson1950 on June 23, 2010, 04:37:20 AM
Lotus improved after they switched to a mid engined design, the 18 I believe. They really hit their stride when they debuted the first monocoque, the 25. After that it was one first after another. I don't think any other team introduced so many innovative design concepts as Lotus during the Chapman years. I have a problem thinking of the new team as an extension of classic Team Lotus, nevertheless I hope they succeed.

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