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Title: Red Bull v Mercedes mind games
Post by: monty on April 28, 2021, 01:12:36 PM
I am sick and tired of the verbal sniping between these teams and it is making me dislike RBR intensely. I have never liked Marko and I think his attitude towards everyone (except his beloved Verstappen of course) is toxic. The only positive used to be Horner who came across as a proper enthusiast. However, recently he seems to have adopted Marko's style of offering stupid and often insulting comments. Their bias in favour of Max over everyone in the Red Bull (and Alpha Tauri) camp is unbelievable. They drove Riciardo away, destroyed Albon and now have a 'loose cannon' in Gasly due to the way they treated him.
I think I have already expressed my dislike of Max - who in my opinion is a spoilt, petulant kid who drives unnecessarily aggressively (/dangerously) and is not remotely sportsmanlike (forcing other drivers off the track; voicing that he would rather finish in front and then take a penalty rather than adhere to the rules and the instructions of the stewards, etc.). In short, instead of enjoying RBR's improving fortunes I now watch the races in the hope that Hamilton 'stuffs them' - or better still; Norris beats them all!
Title: Re: Red Bull v Mercedes mind games
Post by: lkjohnson1950 on April 28, 2021, 05:06:12 PM
Hear, hear. I thought he should have been penalized for forcing Lewis over the curbs in Imola. Isn't there a rule about leaving a car width? We have seen many other drivers go through a chicane side by side and both stay on the track, but not Max. He saw a chance to pass and maybe damage Lewis car or put him out and grabbed it. Another failure by the stewards in my view.
Title: Re: Red Bull v Mercedes mind games
Post by: Scott on April 29, 2021, 08:54:01 PM
Never was, nor ever will be a fan of Max and Iím hoping Marko gets the punt one day soon.  The Red Bull brand is not about the bad guy, and Iíve never understood why they let their F1 Team be run that way. 
Title: Re: Red Bull v Mercedes mind games
Post by: John S on April 29, 2021, 09:26:31 PM
Bet you feel better Monty now you've got that off your chest.  ;)

Whilst I agree with some of your remarks I can't agree about the Imola chicane incident. Max legitimately had the racing line by going for the overtake on Lewis. Think you'll find in the rules the car in front must leave a cars width - but no mention of the one overtaking having to give a car width, especially when the racing line is closing and they are still alongside each other.

Haven't seen or heard a peep outta Lewis about Max closing the racing line, in fact I'm sure Lewis would have done exactly the same if roles were reversed. Sometimes in racing you have to decide whether you want to shunt or back out.
I reckon if Lewis had shunted Max he would've been in deep doo doo with the stewards. Not to mention possibly out of the race.   
Title: Re: Red Bull v Mercedes mind games
Post by: lkjohnson1950 on April 29, 2021, 10:51:48 PM
I know Lewis would have done the same thing, he's done it in the past. I still think it's wrong to force another car off the road in any situation. Maybe all circuits should be lined in Armco, then there would be no problem with track limits or leaving space.
Title: Re: Red Bull v Mercedes mind games
Post by: monty on May 02, 2021, 11:06:45 AM
Well Marko is continuing his run of talking utter nonsense with comments against the McLaren team radio telling Norris 'not to do Verstappen any favours' during quali as being a team order from Mercedes. The man is a complete idiot.
Regarding the Imola incident; it is a matter of opinion. I was not pro Hamilton or against Verstappen I simply believe that if a car goes into a corner knowing that the only way they can come out of that corner is by pushing a competitor off the track then it is not 'sportsmanlike' (and potentially dangerous). When I raced (just after the dinosaurs disappeared) the guy that has no option on where he is positioned (in this case Hamilton - on the outside but easily on the racing line) keeps the corner.
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