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Put 10,000 Horsepower In A Small Boat and This Is What Happens.


John S:
We thought F1 was labour intensive for pit crews, well these monsters require an engine rebuild after every run.  :o

And Wow!!! 265mph on water without flipping.  :swoon:  :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:  but in a good way.  :D

Filmed at Wild Horse Park (formerly Firebird Lake) just up the freeway from where I live. Basically the same engine as used in Top Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars. NHRA teams can completely strip an engine, inspect, service, and reassemble it in a little more than an hour. At the end of a run they are required by the rules to service the car and have it back in the staging lanes ready to run in 90 minutes.

Watch the Schumacher crew strip a 500 cubic inch hemi v8 in 4 minutes.


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