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Title: Alonso thinks Schumi is better than LH
Post by: Andy B on October 02, 2020, 06:56:21 AM

I think he is missing a couple of points such as Schumi its said always had a say in his number two and whoever it was was a support act for him then there are the dirty tricks.
LH, love him or hate him, is clean and not dirty he makes mistakes but in racing its going to happen.
I think with Alonso's return he is starting the mind games already.
Title: Re: Alonso thinks Schumi is better than LH
Post by: lkjohnson1950 on October 02, 2020, 07:23:53 AM
How good might Lewis be if he had Fiorano to test on 24/7/365? I think LH's poles show he can do perfect laps under pressure. Schumi tested until the car was exactly what he wanted. I don't think Mercedes skews the team as hard towards LH. The FIA certainly doesn't kowtow to Merc as much as they did Ferrari. Pirelli doesn't match the tires to Merc the way they did to Ferrari. Dunno for sure, but if I had funds to get either driver in his prime, I believe I'd go for Lewis.
Title: Re: Alonso thinks Schumi is better than LH
Post by: Jericoke on October 02, 2020, 01:04:18 PM
I know that Hamilton and Alonso both say that 2007 is water under the bridge, but I really don't think it is for Alonso.  His entire career was undermined that season, just as the foundation for Lewis's was set.  If Hamilton had had the good grace to be a rookie number 2 driver and let Alonso's coronation happen, I'm sure that McLaren and Alonso would have stuck together, and stuck to winning.

I do think that Hamilton learned a lot from Alonso, including how being in other driver's heads can be a great tool for an F1 driver.  (I don't know that Schumacher was famous for his head games... aside from utter domination of his chosen teammate)

I never liked Schumacher, but I came to the sport as a Villeneuve fan, and Schumacher was The Enemy from my point of view, so I'm not exactly unbiased.  What he and Ferrari accomplished was pretty amazing, I'm glad to have watched it unfold.  I feel like it was different from Red Bull and Mercedes domination.  I don't know that Ferrari's winning ways would have happened without Schumacher, but surely Webber and Rosberg would have been winning championships if not for their slightly more celebrated teammates?

Given how much work that Lewis does put into F1, I think he could have gone toe to toe with the endless testing that Schumacher did, and been the heart of any team willing to put in the effort that Ferrari did.  Schumacher's dominance is what ended people dominating like Schumacher did.  How many drivers force fundamental rule changes?
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