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GPWizard has grown over the years in many ways. All of us generate gigabytes of traffic per day, and we use a substantial part of a rack-mounted server. Looking at the not-so-distant future, we may need our own dedicated server with upgraded bandwidth. GPWizard has bandwidth costs, hosting costs, url costs, software costs and hardware costs.

This year we have seen a complete revamp of the site including new chat software that works on all mobile devices, a Shoutbox, Direct BBC news link, Forum Newsletter and many other new features. The new Grid Game system alone involved the hiring of a freelance programmer to tailor the software to our exact needs.  All these things add up and it has reached a point where I can no longer pretend this site costs absolutely nothing to run. Advertising has helped over the years but it is now less than 10% of what is needed to run the site on an annual basis.

GPWizard is FREE and always will be, but I would hate to see this great community suffer because it lacks some source of revenue. To this end I have reluctantly introduced a donation system so that we can secure GPWizard's future and continue to add improvements along the way. Anyone can pledge as little (or as much) as they want throughout the year via our PayPal, (all credit cards accepted), donation button in the left hand column. All donations of any size are welcome, as they say, ‘Every little helps’. Plus you'll feel all warm and happy inside - I promise.  :D

Your ideas, thoughts and comments are always welcome.


Absolutely ALL proceeds from donations will benefit this community. None of your hard-earned money will be invested in speedboats, tropical holidays, Mrs Wiz and/or controlled substances of any kind.  ::)

Well, first thing you have to sort out is to not get an error when someone tries to make a donation  :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

Apparently I cannot view the treasury  :DD

Ha! Typical! All sorted now Scott.



I would love to donate a couple of bags of Dog Food (or other controlled substance), but you say to click on the Donate button on the side bar..... There is no sidebar on my screen or anywhere else!
Can you give me an email address that I can send a donation to using PayPal? :DntKnw:

Hey Luke,

Try this link: Donations

If not then all dog food can be sent to  ;)

Thank you kindly



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