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Title: Bad Quotes From Court Cases
Post by: Alianora La Canta on May 10, 2021, 11:52:26 PM
A fun one for all of you who thought they were technophobes. The below quotes all come from a case against Apple, allegedly about digital storefront terms of service. Now, please note everyone involved here is supposed to be a specialist in computer and IT-related law, with the possible exception of the judge. Also, quotes may not be in sequence and some may have additional notes by me:

Apple’s definition of a game:

- A beginning
- An end
- Challenges

Note by me: permission to categorise Antonio Giovanazzi's tyre stop (the one with the bad tyre still in its blanket) as a game?

Apple lawyer: “We have a large yellow banana here, in a tuxedo?”

Weissinger: “Yes, that’s Peeley."

Apple: [light paraphrase]: “And in the tuxedo he’s known as Agent Peeley."

(Me: If you know his name, why be coy about it, lawyer?)

Someone then said: “We gave the banana a suit because we’re in federal court...”

Apple lawyer: If someone were to say Fortnite Creative is "Barbie Fashion Designer for the Fortnite Universe, that person would be incorrect, true?”

Weissinger: “I’m not sure what goes on in Barbie Fashion Designer.”

“Fair enough.” Turns out lawyer doesn’t know either.

(Me: Research fail! While I assume Barbie Fashion Designer does what it says on the title, I wouldn't dare use it in court without checking!)

Also, 5 days in, nobody in the court has managed to come up with a convincing definition of a "game". I'm sure you can do better than that...
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